The color guard at Robertsdale High School is a part of the marching band and music program. During football season, the color guard is an integral part of the marching design, color palette, and musical interpretation of the show. The guard uses props and equipment, along with movement, to express dynamic passages in the music accompanying the marching band show. By using flags, sabres, rifles, swing flags, and other pieces of equipment pertaining to the music, as well as a mix of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary modern dance, the color guard interprets the music into a stunning visual element. The RHS Color Guard performs during football games at halftime and at competitions. During competitions, the guard adds to the overall score of the band; however, the judges also give an individual score to the color guard for a category usually called auxiliary. Top-quality instruction is critical to the success of the color guard and allows success and contributes to the rich tradition of excellence. 

Color Guard 2021-2022

Arianna Barlow
Caroline Beebe

Asiah Chatman 

Lincora Dade

Heaven Dalton

Shelby Dalton

Lexus Davis

BreAnna Eastbridge

Joshlynn Elliot

Maygen Fletcher

Christa Hughen

Jacqueline Hurtado

Karis Kolonis

Jennifer Macias

Lauren Matirne

Savanna McKenzie

Alaina Miller

Haylie Morris

Bekah Owens

Brooklyn Pacheco

Savannah Powell

Sahara Richardson

Myah Riggs

Amiyah Smith

Hayleigh Smith 

Julianna Stricklin

Olette Taylor



Winter guard is an indoor color guard activity derived from military ceremonies or veterans organizations ceremonies. Unlike traditional color guard, winter guard is performed indoors, usually in a gymnasium or an indoor arena. Winter guards use the same equipment as they do during the marching band season. The use of sabres, rifles, and flags, along with choreography, add to the effect of the theme of the show. Along with their equipment, the ensemble performs on a 55’x80′ vinyl tarp that is painted in accordance to the theme of the show. This helps shape the set design for the overall effect. During the winter program, the guard continues to master their equipment skills and learn a higher vocabulary of choreography. The winter guard focuses more on dance and movement skills put in the routine to challenge the group and to bring them to the next level of precision and skill. The RHS Winter Guard Program begins after the marching band season ends, which is usually mid-November and continues until the beginning of April. Students are selected by audition and participate in the Gulf Coast Guard and Percussion Circuit competitions held on Saturdays, January-April.

2021 Show: "Coming Full Circle"


Briana Smith

LeeAnna Johnson

Chloe Giardina

Ashlyn Greer

Christa Hughen

Elisa Hurado

Selena Masias

Heaven Dalton

Sara Whitworth

McKenzie Jackson

Abigail Hurtado

Alayna Durkin

Carleen Horace