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With the creation of the Symphonic Band in 2020, the Concert Band was moved into the position of third wind ensemble for the instrumental music program at Robertsdale High School.  Consisting of members in grades 9-12, the ensemble performs popular high school literature from the wind band repertoire. Participation in this ensemble is open to any student at Robertsdale High School, and the group often contains several first year players. Private instruction is strongly encouraged, and students in this class frequently receive individualized or small group instruction during the school day. The concert band is under the direction of Ms. Jessica Foster.


Elliott Frichter

Isaac Book

Jayci Daniels

Katherine Edmondson

Leighton Cieloha

Sybil Bowen


Chloe Ard


Aianna Bradley

Emily Glass

Emma Townley

Iskra Garcia

Johannah Robertson

Penelope Chavez

Alto Sax

Abigail Mcglade

Braxton Motto

Faith Dozier

Jalynn Whittaker

Kailey Williams

Lillyann Nunez

Miley Romero

Raine Heaton

Bari Sax

Hannah Wheeler


Aubrey Reimer

Benjamin Darby

Fabian Gutierrez

Hayden Ard

James Eaton

Luke Barrows

Zane Thompson


Anna Zuniga

Dahlia Brinkley

Malia McGill


Alyssa Stadelmaier

Anthony Hurtado

Ashlyn Gomillion

Bella Madden

Bentley Cowan

Bristol Brill

Christopher Brunson

Jacob Ammons


Ella Driver

Grealie Warthman

Lilly Knighten

Van Matzdorff

Zoe Landry


Braydon Guess

James Pugh

Makayla Sanders

Nathan Jackson

Trenton Runnels


Alex Bruce

Kyla Smith

Baileigh Harbison

Sarah Owens

Jeffery Needham

Ellie Bonnell

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